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Inchelium Language House

About the Inchelium Language & Culture Association

The Inchelium Language & Culture Association, founded in 2011, is committed to the revitalization of the Nselxcin dialect. Our primary focus is on nurturing new speakers and educators of Nselxcin within their communities.

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Upcoming Projects to Fund

In addition to offering language classes, the Inchelium Language & Culture Association (ILCA) hosts the annual Captikwl night every December, where elders share Coyote and Creation stories. We also take responsibility for the annual Upper Columbia River Canoe Journey and Salmon Ceremony held every June. These cultural events play a crucial role in preserving the Nselxcin-speaking community's heritage and fostering a strong sense of cultural identity.

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From event corordination to community outreach we love to get volunteers involved. 

All the Latest Updates

Keep up with ILCA with our monthly Blog and follow events through out the year. 

Get to Know Us

From our board of directors to our Nselxcin Students, come get to know us. 

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